$avrs  Plug-in for Compuware Topaz Workbench
Companies that have deployed Compuware Topaz Workbench to their developers can now integrate the functionality of $AVRS directly into the Topaz environment with the $AVRS plug-in. The $AVRS plug-in for Compuware Topaz allows developers to request and receive $AVRS Joblog and SYSOUT Viewing Services entirely within the Topaz desktop environment, empowering TSO developers while simplifying maintenance & support tasks and allowing enterprises to create a more streamlined z/OS development process.

Additionally, the $AVRS plug-in for Compuware Topaz benefits companies looking to integrate their z/OS batch service delivery with DevOps and Agile methodologies. With Batch Applications on z Systems typically accounting for 50% or more of data assets, the $AVRS plug-in for Topaz Workbench has the ability to give developers access to Joblog and SYSOUT directly from within their GUI based development environment saving companies valuable time in the development cycle, while improving the quality and speed of the maintenance of their critical batch applications.

Features and Benefits of the $AVRS Plug-In for Compuware Topaz Workbench:

Developed to integrate seamlessly for those $AVRS customers who have developers using an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) like Compuware’s Topaz Workbench.

  • The $AVRS plug-in provides an interface for the developer to view Joblog and SYSOUT output from the IDE workspace (off-mainframe) within the Topaz Desktop or any other Eclipse-based IDE

  • Developers can benefit by saving time and improving quality in the development cycle by accessing Joblog and SYSOUT output from within the Compuware Topaz development environment eliminating the need to go to ISPF to view Joblog and SYSOUT output

  • Support for multiple $AVRS catalogs on z/OS, allowing the Topaz user to view output from any catalog that they are authorized to view

  • Job filtering by Job Name, Date/Time, etc. is available from within the $AVRS plug in screen. Make the complete run histroy in the $AVRS online database available to any Topaz user! “What ran last night, last month, or even last year?”

  • JCL editing and Resubmit is available from within the $AVRS plug-in screen