JCLplus+Remote plug-in for Topaz

Compuware Topaz Workbench for System z

Compuware Topaz Workbench is the Eclipse-based software development IDE for IBM z/OS. Its main purpose is to streamline the z/OS development process into a structured and modern GUI (Eclipse-based) tool. In a Service Oriented Architecture, Topaz Workbench can be deployed to request and receive JCL Asset Management Service’s entirely within the Topaz Workbench desktop environment. This new framework empowers TSO developers and simplifies maintenance and support tasks.

Topaz Workbench & JCL

Job Control Language (JCL) continues to play a key role in this modern development paradigm and it is imperative that methods which eliminate the cost associated with JCL syntax and runtime errors are implemented.

The numerous Topaz Workbench tools and GUI’s on the market provide capabilities to edit, compile, link, build and run applications through the Job Entry Subsystem. These frameworks, however, do not offer an effective environment to simulate the Batch Runtime environment and debug JCL.

SEA’s JCLplus+Remote Plug-in for Topaz Workbench extends the functionality of its JCL Validation and Runtime simulation to the Topaz Workbench development environment. This plug-in is designed using SEA’s robust middleware technology CPC.

JCLplus+Remote Plug-in for Topaz Workbench features include:
  • JCL Syntax check and runtime simulation from Topaz Workbench LPex editor or others
  • Verification of production JCL standards
  • The capability to request JCL runtime simulation on any authorized z/OS image
  • Color coded error messages and filters display
  • Integration with other Topaz Workbench components
  • Compression functions to minimize network impact
  • Encryption capabilities