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SSaaS - STIB Solutions as a Service
(STIB Solutions as a Service)

This new service's model from STIB, offers to the customers the possibility of using its solutions to identify opportunities for improvement in their IT areas, especially in the Batch Management and Operations.

This is a model of software deployment whereby provider licenses of products to customers for use as a service on demand.

This is a model that links the product (software) to the service together, to provide companies a complete solution to optimize their costs and resources. The new model will coexist with the traditional model of product licensing.

The current economic situation may benefit all customers with this model. It presents a generous proposal that is perfectly suited to the actual situation: lower down payment, pay per use, cost savings, staff training, infrastructure maintenance, etc.

The value of this proposal is that it also allows companies that use it, free resources and focus on their business, simplify management solutions, low maintenance products, drastic reduction of technical and support operations, reduce deployment time using knowledge ('know how') of the provider and increase productivity by providing access to solutions anytime, anywhere.

Model Characteristics

Characteristics of SSaaS model include:

  • Provided through the services and clients need not buy licenses to use it.
  • Services managed by the provider with a detailed work plan, and client’s uses the solutions to meet and ensure continuity of IT services.
  • Clients pay for use of the service based on monthly / quarterly / semiannual / annual / service payment.
  • Clients will be able to license or lease the product for the cost of maintenance only if the product fully meets their needs and objectives.
  • Clients get personalized solutions according to their needs.
  • It allows to the supplier exploit economies resulting standardize, centralize and share resources generated by other clients, without the client waives customization.
  • Clients will always have the solutions to the last level, using all the technology incorporated into the latest versions.

  • Model Benefits.

    The current economic situation may benefit a model with an added value proposition tailored to the actual situation: lower down payment, pay per use and transformation of fixed costs into variable cost savings in personnel training and infrastructure maintenance, etc.

    However, beyond the specific value proposition to adverse economic circumstances, SSaaS also offers companies that use free resources, focus on their business, simplify management, reduce time to market and gain productivity by facilitating access to solutions anytime, anywhere.