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STIB celebrates 10 yearswhile looking ahead at next 10 years.

The next April, 24th. STIB is 10 years history with its clients and partners.
September 2011

New Address Announcement of Madrid Office

SEA Europe is pleased to announce that we will be moving into a new office on September 2nd. 2011.

SEA Europe new address and contact details are:

SEA Europe
Paseo de la Castellana 166, Esc. 3, 6 D
28046 – Madrid - España
Tel.: 902 090 429
Fax.: +34 91 859 7783
January 2009

SEA y STIB firman un acuerdo de integración. STIB formará parte integrante y en exclusiva de SEA.

Dear Gentlemen,

We like informing you that from January 1, 2009, Supporteam Iberia S.L. (STIB) will be exclusive and integral part of Software Enginnering of America (SEAâ„¢).

This initiative is accompanied on the opening of the central offices in Europe, located in Madrid, and that takes as a principal target to expand the SEAâ„¢ representation in the whole European territory.

As part of this new strategy, SEA™ has signed an agreement with Lexonix Technologies to integrate the product VISITRAC and RTM ‘Real Time Monitor’ to the portfolio of his products, which will be represented in Europe.

For more information, the official statement of the company is included below or also he can visit
December 2008

SEA announces the opening of office in Madrid, Spain

SEA announces the opening of office in Madrid, Spain

New York- January 7th, 2008- Software Engineering of America, Inc., a leading provider of data center software solutions, has announced the expansion of its offices in Europe to Madrid, Spain.

SEA’s new office in Madrid will complement the already established office in Germany and give SEA an enhanced presence in Europe. The two offices will work side by side in expanding SEA’s customer base throughout Europe as well continuing to provide technical support to existing customers.

SEA’s Madrid office will open as of January 1st, 2009, and will be managed by Mr. Jose Novo and Mr. Tito Boente who bring a combined 40+ years of experience in data centers and enterprise sales to SEA.

SEA’s Madrid Office will be located at:

C/ Isabel de Valois, 28 – B – 4 - 10
(28050) Madrid - España
Tel: +34 91 718 9065
Fax: +34 91 718 9065

About Software Engineering of America, Inc

Established in 1982, Software Engineering of America has built a global reputation as a leader in the field of data center software solutions. SEA is one of the most successful companies in the Data Center software industry, with over 10,000 data centers of all sizes and configurations utilizing one or more of SEA's products, including 9 of the Fortune 10 as well as 85% of the Fortune 500 Companies. SEA has thrived since it’s inception through implementing a philosophy of User Driven product development backed up by the highest quality technical support available, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For more information on Software Engineering of America, visit

José Novo
EMEA Account Manager
Tito Boente
EMEA Senior Consultant

Software Engineering of America - Europe
C/ Isabel de Valois, 28
Portal B – Piso 4-10
28050 – Madrid

May 2007

SEA firma un acuerdo con IN-COM Data Systems para la venta del producto SMART-TS XL. Supporteam Iberia distribuirá el producto.

September 2006

STIB signs a distribution agreement with ATRI-Lexonix Technologies to supply its batch performance products and services for United Kingdom.

August 2006

STIB signs a distribution agreement with SEA™ – Software Engineering of America, to supply its products for Spain, Portugal, Andorra, United Kingdom, France, Belgium and Switzerland.

Visitrac 8.0 y Visitrac/Real Time Monitor 8.0

January 2004

STIB signs a distribution agreement with ATRI-Lexonix Technologies to supply its batch performance products and services for Spain and Portugal (Iberia).