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Batch Optimization Monitor and Improve Batch Workload Optimize DASD Management and IBM Dataset Utilities Automate and Improve JCL Mngmnt and the Lifecycle Processes Turnkey Optimization Services Monitor and Improve Batch Workload
  • Automatically Identify Batch Inefficiencies and get Detailed Courses of Actions
  • Eliminate Batch Windows Constraints Maximizing Batch Throughput and Minimizing Elapsed Time
  • Employ a structured Approach to Performance Problem Solving Without The Need of Subject Matter Experts
  • Identify Critical Inefficiencies: CPU, File Contention, VSAM and QSAM Buffering, JCL Coding, Dataset Utilities, DB2 Contention, Operational/System Problems and much more
  • Optimize DASD Management and IBM Dataset Utilities:
  • Obtain JCL-transparent, ultra high-speed Optimization for OEM products such as IEBCOPY, IEBGENER, and IDCAMS
  • Save Disk Space and Improve PDS Dataset Management
  • Improve Dataset Housekeeping Processes
  • Automate and Improve JCL Management and the Lifecycle Processes:
  • Reengineer JCL For Performance Improvement
  • Automate enforcement of efficient JCL Coding techniques
  • Accelerate and Improve Quality of JCL Production Turnover
  • Automate JCL Editing to improve operations and production control productivity
  • Turnkey Services by STIB experts include:
  • Installation And Customization of the software
  • Planning and setup of integration points
  • Setup of data capture and update procedures
  • Coding of enforcement and change rules as necessary
  • Follow-up on-site visit within three months
  • Ongoing World-class Support
  • · 24/7 dedicated Support staff · Worldwide delivery Support model
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